Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pitchfork is Hebrew for Vomit

Click here to read Pitchfork's review of a Joanna Newsom show. Or read the following excerpt and get a head start on your dry heaving (strongest nausea-inducers are highlighted in red):

"These juxtapositions are a product of Newsom's ambiguous relationship to the very indie culture that adores her. After seeing her perform, it's clear that she is (and you'll forgive me the lofty classical image; this is a Joanna Newsom review) a sort of Prometheus, bringing an elite musical tradition down from the mountain and into the lowlands of indie rock, where attitude-not-training is the rule, and a certain spiritual posture is more important that traditional musicianship. She's been punished accordingly by the gods (in this extended metaphor, a cynical press) for her efforts to cross that divide."

Man, these guys are so lame. What does that say about me, John Q. Regular-Reader? I still check the damn site every day.

I've linked some more Pitchfork articles for your reading pleasure...

Slate and Wired Magazine weigh in:
Slate: "The Indie Music Site that Everyone Loves to Hate"
Wired: "The Pitchfork Effect"

Two blogs and a parody site do it as well:
Coolfer: "Stick a Fork in It"
Artificial Stupidity: "One More Reason Why Pitchfork Sucks"
Rich Dork -- parody site, really funny

But if you only read one other article about Pitchfork, read this one:
"Pitchfork Media Can Suck My Cock."

I wish I could write so eloquently.


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