Monday, November 20, 2006

The Panthers Are a Second Half Team.

In addition to winning lots of games after halftime, the Carolina Panthers also have a tendency to win in the second half of a season. This year is no different.

After going 4-4 in a lacklustre first half of the season, the Cats have won 2 in a row and seem ready to make a playoff run. Both wins have been excellent. By following the Tampa Bay win with a St. Louis ass-kicking, the Panthers now seem capable of living up to all of that pre-season pundit bloviation, otherwise known as hype.

The Cats are getting their mojo back at the right time, too. NFC South rivals Atlanta and New Orleans have cooled off considerably. Both teams lost yesterday, giving Carolina a share of the division lead.

Two weeks ago, I was fretting about Wild Card and playoff chances. Today, I'm thinking we're back on track. I'm just another bloviator, I guess. I can't help it - bloggers are suckers for punditry.


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