Monday, November 20, 2006

A Good Day for Carolina Sports

There is a void in my soul: I didn't watch the Panthers or the Heels yesterday.
Despite my retreat into fair-weatherville, I am pleased with the results and have chosen to focus on three numbers: 7, 2, and 3.
7 is how many sacks the Panthers had as they defeated the Rams yesterday, 15-0.
2 is how many times the basketball Tar Heels have scored 100 points or more this season. They did so yesterday on their way to a 103-50 rout of Gardner Webb.
3 is how many times in a row the football Heels have beaten NC State. They did so again on Saturday, winning 23-9.
In a world of increasing relativism, there is at least one universal truth: one way or the other, THE HEELS WILL BEAT STATE. It's what they do.


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