Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Morning Jacket

Show Season, Finale - Part 1 of 2.
Jim James' voice is a dream wrapped in a myth. Everyone should have the good fortune to stand in an auditorium and listen to his songs fill the air.
His band My Morning Jacket came to the 930 Club last night and did what they do best - kick sonic ass. Although the headbangers like "Run Thru" and "One Big Holiday" were solid as usual, the highlights for me were the slow tunes. Towards the end of the set, the band played 3 or 4 consecutive down tempo songs during which Jim James showcased his blessed pipes.
In my hippie days, I would have had a memo pad to write down the setlist. Luckily for us, but unfortunately for the setlist, I'm no longer a hippie. Thus, I don't have a record of the songs played during the slow montage. I'm know they played "At Dawn" and a couple of other old gems off the albums At Dawn and The Tennessee Fire. The kicker, however, was "Dondante."
Dondante. I'm not sure I've ever heard a better live My Morning Jacket song. They explored the ups and the downs of this song for over 10 minutes, blending mystic guitars with a ghost of a saxophone and Jim's Banshee voice. If I'm ever lucky enough to hear the voice of God, I'm sure that it will remind me of Jim James.
My Morning Jacket plays another sold-out 930 show tonight. Bring it.


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