Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nail on the Head?

Check out Michael Strong's thought-provoking article from the Cato Institute:

"Why Democrats Should Become More Libertarian"

"[Bill]Clinton, the only Democratic President to serve two terms since FDR, has described himself as a libertarian and has praised Milton-Friedman-Prize Award Winner Hernando De Soto as the leader of of the "most promising poverty alleviation initiative in the world." [Clinton] pushed through NAFTA and welfore reform, both more libertarian than anything we've seen from Bush. [EDITOR'S NOTE: De Soto's "The Mystery of Capital" is HCYB Recommended Reading]"

"A new age of libertarian Democrats could continue in this direction and go much further and faster, reviving the Reagan and Gingrich revolutions to reduce the role of goverment under a Democratic banner that simultaneously ensured that the poor and the environment were cared for."

"The greatest obstacle to movement in this direction comes from the Left wing of the Democratic Party that remains essentially anti-capitalist. Much of academia and the leaders of many advocacy organizations retain attitudes that are quasi-Marxist in their passion for equality, as the understand it, and their hatred of business, capitalism, and America. Others, perhaps more pro-business and pro-America, nonetheless regard the anti-market policies of FDR and LBJ as successful policies."


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