Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jim James is My Co-Pilot

Show Season, Finale - Part 2 of 2.
What a way to end it.
I knew that last night's My Morning Jacket show was going to exceed my expectations because, frankly, the band always does that. Why wouldn't they continue the trend?
At approximately 9:30 PM, the lights went down and on came the band, hidden behind a huge white curtain that covered the entire stage. As the staccato hook of "One Big Holiday" rang out, bright lights flashed from behind the curtain, casting shadows of the band upon the big white screen. All the audience could see was the band's headbanging silohuette. After 30 seconds, the drums kicked in and the curtain came crashing down. Commence rawk n roll.
My Morning Jacket played another impeccable show at the 930 Club. Although every song was worth the price of admission itself, my favorite part came about a third of the way into the set. After a shrieking "Wordless Chorus," they played the rarity "Phone Went West," a favorite that I've never heard live.
They played for 2 more hours before leaving the stage. Quickly, they returned for a saliva-inducing encore. Again, the band played two rare favorites: "Tonight I Want to Celebrate" followed by "Nashville to Kentucky." Jim James was at his best on these two oldies.
To conclude the seemingly never-ending encore, the band played "Golden" followed by "Anytime" followed by "Dancefloors." If you were to compile an MMJ greatest hits album, this encore could easily be the tracklist.
The whole show can be summarized by Jim James's outfit. He wore tight ass black jeans stuffed into zebra print boots. Loud, aggressive, and rock star royal: this band is the best in the biz.


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