Saturday, December 02, 2006

An Ugly Win is Still a Win ain't got not ugly, uh-uh-uh-ugly.

The Tar Heels beat the Kentucky Wildcats today, 75-63, but it was not fun to watch.

The Heels missed 63% of their shots and failed to capitalize on the Wildcats' 22 turnovers. After the barnburner against Ohio State earlier this week, I suppose a letdown was to be expected - especially since the Wildcats successfully slowed the run-and-gun Roy Williams offense. Whatever excuse makes you feel good, use it - but it don't change the fact that we're glad today's game is behind us.

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the game was the silence in the Dean Dome. The wine and cheese fans were back to their mousey ways. Just when this blogger was starting to hype the Heels' fans for their intensity, they go and have a quiet day like today. I mean, seriously - did any of y'all watch the game today? Whenever someone shot a free throw, the crowd sounded like the gallery at an amateur golf tournament.

Whatever. A win's a win, right?

We're riding a 3-game winning streak into the traditionally light December schedule. Our next 7 games are against High Point, UNC Ashville, Florida Atlantic, St. Louis, Rutgers, Dayton, and Penn. Then, ACC season play begins against Florida State followed by games versus Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Clemson. Of those 11 teams, only #25 Virginia is ranked.

With the Heels' youth and the mercurial nature of college basketball, we should expect a loss or two over the upcoming stretch. However, if we continue building this momentum, we're gonna bust up the ACC like a high school kegger.


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