Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top Ten Albums of 2006

by Donald McIntosh

10. Professor Murder--Professor Murder Rides the Subway
It's just an EP, but these guys bring it. Favorite Song = Camron's New Color (Pt. 3)

9. The Blow--Paper Television
It's kinda cheesy and the lyrics are a bit suspect, but, in my opinion, this is what "pop" should sound like. Favorite Song = Eat Your Heart Up

8. The Black Keys--Chulahoma
Great to listen to while drinking alone, not that I would know. Favorite Song = My Mind is Rambling

7. Man Man--Six Demon Bag
Kinda sounds like what would happen if you handed instruments to some dudes at your local insane asylum, in a good way, though. Favorite Song = Engrish Bwudd

6. Hot Chip--The Warning
Some pretty eclectic, fun stuff. Favorite Song = The Warning

5. Liars--Drum's Not Dead
It's creepy, but it's worth all the angst to be saved by the last song. Favorite Song = The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack

4. Junior Boys--So This is Goodbye
It's just plain cool. Favorite Song = In the Morning

3. The Rapture--Pieces of the People We Love
Echoes is better, but this doesn't lag too far behind. Favorite Song = Whoo! Alright-Yeah..Uh Huh

2. Tapes n' Tapes--The Loon
It's nice to hear people still make music with guitars and drums. Favorite Song = 10 Gallon Ascots

1. The Knife--Silent Shout
For spring break I'm headed to Sweden to visit my sister. Mostly I can't wait to see The Knife and hang out with Swedish girls -- in that order, which should tell you everything. Favorite Song = We Share Our Mother's Health


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