Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Debbie Harry Biopic: Another Good Excuse to Google Image Hot Pictures of Blondie

The blogosphere is full of rumors that Kirsten Dunst will play Debbie Harry in a new movie about Blondie. Ummmmm, yes please.


Blogger ZEK LIGHTNING said...

Debbie is the sexiest, Most beautiful, most desirable woman ever to inhabit this world. She is a rock and Roll motherload of hip genius and incapacitating lust. I love the idea of a biopic.

I met Kirsten Dunst once. She was very nice to me. I like her and I find her to be very beautiful. No one will ever "play" Debbie to the satisfaction of true enthusiasts...and I oughtta know.....So I'm not upset about Dunst. She'll have to work harder than she's ever worked before...but she's pretty sexy. This may be a great film. I love you Debbie. God help them if they don't do you justice.

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