Friday, October 20, 2006

The Greatest Rock and Roll Band - No Check That - The Greatest Music Makers Ever to Walk the Face of the Earth

Show Season, Best One Yet.

Wilco. 930 Club. A blog post seems Liliputian by comparison, but I'll give it a shot.

Like any good Phish head, I checked all the previous setlists from the current tour. And, as per usual, every night looked pretty much identical. I mean, they've been playing the same set list for 3 years now. My excitement went from an 11 to a 9.

But, as per usual, the band blew me away. Who cares if they play the same songs? They're incredible f*ing songs. Check out the setlist here.

The highlights for me were: "Shot in the Arm" (after 3 warm-ups, this song was a punch in the face), "Impossible Germany" (a new song with lyrics "Impossible Germany, Unlikely Japan."), "Airline to Heaven" (Jeff Tweedy. Woody Guthrie. God. Acoustic Guitar. Goosebumps.), "Let's Not Get Carried Away" (another new one where Tweedy screams, Kotche solos, and Wilco goes hardcore), "Kingpin" (How can I....WHOOO!), and "Misunderstood" (helluva closer from Being There. According to WilcoBase, they said "Nothing" 78 times.)

It was a glorious night at that old warehouse on 9th and V. It's amazing what a great band can do at a great venue. I love this city.


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