Friday, October 20, 2006

"The Dumbest Thing Since Dirt"

Links for your reading pleasure.....

*In: YouTube. Out: NBC. In: "news content-production centers." Out: traditional media. Social networking, internet video, and online information services have forced NBC to shake things up. According to The Washington Post, the network will slash 700 jobs, cut significant television programming, and move most of its content to the internet.

*In: John Bunting. Out: John Bunting. The rumor mill says Tar Heels' football coach Bunting considered resigning before the end of the season. The Raleigh News and Observer said the rumor was false. Conventional wisdom says it doesn't really matter - Bunting's gone at the end of the season, anyway.

*Tar Heel basketball season is right around the corner. Here's a great article about the competition between Bobby Frasor and Tywon Lawson for the starting point guard spot. Roy Williams says that the report that places Lawson in the Top 10 point guards in the nation is "the dumbest thing I've seen since dirt."

*Election day is 19 days away. says the GOP are resorting to fear-mongering. Slate says Karl Rove's reputation as a master-strategizer could be overblown. The Washington Post says that the Republicans are preparing for the worst.

*God bless the Grateful Dead. Go to hell hippies. hits the nail on the head with their analysis of the Dead's classic album "American Beauty."


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