Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Drag Queens, High Heels, and a Fabulous Footrace: Just Another Night in the Nation's Capitol

The annual Dupont Drag Race went down last night on 17th Street. Hundreds of fabulous "ladies" caught the Halloween spirit a couple of days early. Thousands of stiffs like myself came out to watch.

Ostensibly, the event's focus was a 3-block footrace with men dressed in drag running in high heels (only cheaters wear pumps). However, the race constituted only a small portion of the fun. Among the highlights:

*Two queens dressed as Condi Rice, complete with boots, scowls, and secret service agents. Inevitably, they crossed paths and staged a mock showdown. (Another queen had secret service escorts, but we couldn't tell if she -errr, he- was supposed to be Hilary Clinton or Princess Di.)

*Another trio dressed as JonBenet Ramsay, John Mark Karr, and JonBenet's black-clad dead mother. JonBenet weighed at least 200 lbs and sported a scraggly beard. John Mark Karr looked eerily like the real thing.

*Still another queen dressed as the Mayor of DC. No, wait - that was the real mayoral candidate Adrian Fenty. Who woulda thunk it? The first time I ever laid eyes on the Mayor of DC was at a drag queen parade. Only in DC (or maybe San Fran, NYC, New Orleans, or Miami).

(I shot a lot of good video footage, so look forward to some YouTube links later this week or early next week. Until then, check out the Drag Race website:


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