Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wilco Minus Tweedy

Show Season, Round 4. One word summary for Nels Cline and Glenn Kotche's solo performances last night at the Black Cat : NOISE.

Now three more words: TOO MUCH NOISE.

One of three things was the case with the Wilco guitarist and drummer's mentality: (1) They were on drugs and the noise was part of the high; (2) They are such post-punk art rockers that the noise actually sounds good to them; or (3) They were looking at the crowd full of indie-nerd-Tweedy-worshippers and saying "Ha! You guys will buy anything if we say it's cool!"

Sinister Joe said that watching Nels Cline perform was like watching someone do a math problem. You know it's hard to do - but that doesn't make it fun to watch.

I have a newfound appreciation for Wilco's multi-instrumentalists. God, I can't wait to see them next month. Is it October 19th yet?


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