Monday, September 18, 2006

Loose Chain

What's the best wedding song: "Hey Ya" or "Baby Got Back?"

How about both? Loose Chain , the best wedding band of the 21st Century, played both songs, back to back. I just returned from nuptials where these guys truly rocked the party. After goading the groom into doing "the Worm," Loose Chain played "Hey Ya" followed by a seamless transition into "Baby Got Back." I cannot say enough good things about hip hop's invasion of white people's weddings. Good bye Wild Cherry, hello Run DMC.

During one of the band's intermissions, I approached Loose Chain to ask where they were from. As if I even needed to ask - the A.T.L., baby. The city that Outkast built, of course - nothin' better. I was impressed by the group's Andre 3000-esque flair, their impeccable choice of indoor-sunglasses, and their offer to play anytime I needed them to - even for my or any of my friends' Bar-Mitsvahs.

Loose Chain's website ( is not functioning, but if you're interested, shoot 'em an email at


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