Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Torture is So Big Right Now

Here are three links to the current discussion about torture and the war on terror:

*The Washington Post reports that Canadian and US counter-terrorism officials arrested an innocent man and extradited him to Syria to be tortured.

*Ron Suskind explores the difference between CIA and FBI interrogation techniquies, explaining that torture is often ineffective and counterproductive

*The Washington Post examines how John McCain's opposition to the White House's stance on the Geneva Conventions may hurt his bid for the 2008 Presidential nomination.


Blogger themexicantoothbrush said...


Interesting test.

Is it moral to torture one person if you know they have information that can save many lives (like 2,977)? Also, answer straight up, i.e. no changing the terms of the questions around like asking How do you know, just assume you know for certain they have the information.

3:25 PM  

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