Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cats Coulda Choked - but Kasay Says Huh-Uh

The snap is good, the hold is good, Kasay's kick - noooooooooooooyyyyyyyyeeeeessssss! Cats win by 2.

The Panthers barely pulled out a "W" today, beating Tampa Bay 26-24 on a last second John Kasay curveball field goal. The kick started off way left - didn't we all think it was no good? But, miraculously, the ball swooped back into play and flew right through the uprights, giving the Cats their first win of the season.

It is scary how close the Panthers came to choking today. The first half was awesome. Steve Smith made a triumphant return, Keyshawn continued his stellar season, Chris Gamble made up for his bungle last week, and the Cats' defense had its way with Chrissy Sims. We went into the locker room with a commanding 20-6 lead.

Something happened, though...and the 2nd Half turned disastrous. Jake Delhomme fumbled twice. DeShaun Foster fumbled once. Tampa Bay scored its first touchdown of the entire season off one of those TO's, then went on to score 10 more points off the other two.

The Panthers staved off a Chernobyl, though. Jake Delhomme came through with a ballsy 12-yard 4th Down Conversion, proving that his frustrating turnovers don't prevent him from being solid in the clutch. Then, John Kasay nailed his fourth field goal of the game. Don't look now, folks - but Kasay hasn't missed this year. In fact, he and Keyshawn are the only consistent things the Cats have going for them.

Remember - we were 1-2 to begin the season last year too. Let's hope we start building our playoff mojo next week when the Ain'ts come to Charlotte.


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