Monday, January 29, 2007

Um, Ever Heard of Bad Brains?

The New York Times features an interesting article about black fans of indie rock. Although it oversimplifies a lot of ideas, it covers an interesting subject. Here is a good excerpt:

"But 40 years after black musicians laid down the foundations of rock, then largely left the genre to white artists and fans, some blacks are again looking to reconnect with the rock music scene.
The Internet has made it easier for black fans to find one another, some are adopting rock clothing styles, and a handful of bands with black members have growing followings in colleges and on the alternative or indie radio station circuit. It is not the first time there has been a black presence in modern rock. But some fans and musicians say they feel that a multiethnic rock scene is gathering momentum.“Hip-hop has lost a lot of its originality,” said Mr. Brown of Everything Must Go, the East Harlem skateboard shop. “This is the new thing.”

The article also discusses "blipsters." Black hipsters. Seriously.

For more black and white indie nonsense, check out the comments section on this Prefix link. It spins into all-out e-argument as indie fans argue with one another over the alleged racist undertones of this comment: "Too bad Band of Horses or Mew don’t have a couple African Americans who can contribute some cool beats…"


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