Friday, January 26, 2007

In the Rotation

Gram Parsons - GP and Grievous Angel
The indie record store guy recommended this one. He said that Gram Parsons was the major influence on alt-country. I can't hear Uncle Tupelo in this record, but I sure as hell can hear Ryan Adams.

The Thermals - The Body The Blood The Machine
This record is everything I wanted it to be: Green Day meets the Strokes meets "Monster"-era R.E.M meets angry political lyrics. Hutch Harris's voice is excellent, too.
Nas - Hip Hop is Dead

There's too much name-dropping on this record. But that's what hip hop's all about, I guess. Despite its pretentiousness, I love the album. Nas is as good as hip hop gets.

Tropicalia - A Brazilian Revolution in Sound
This record catalogues the hits from the late 1960s/early 1970s funky psych-folk scene in Brazil. Tom Ze's song "Jimmy Renda-Se" is invigorating.
Ali Farka Toure - Savane
Malian roots music meets Bob Dylan's blues. I wish I could understand the lyrics - I guess it's time to learn another language.


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