Friday, January 19, 2007

The Workingman's Millionaire

I'm intrigued by John Edwards and his populist approach to winning the presidential election in 2008. His campaign slogan of valuing "Work over Wealth" has a nice ring to it, his goal of universal health care contains the right ideological framework, and his honesty about raising taxes is refreshing even if it's not appealing.
However, Edwards' romanticization of the proletariat is a bit of a sham. The Washington Post reports on his participation in a controversial real estate deal in which he sold his Georgetown mansion for $5.2 million. He had bought the place for $3.2 million during his tenure as a North Carolina senator.
Another detail that dulls Edwards' workingman's shine is the entreprenuerial spirit of his Princeton-educated daughter. Before moving on to Harvard Law School, Cate Edwards created Urbanista, a shopping blog for young college graduates to consult when they move to New York and need trusted advise on such conundrums as where to get their "Marc Jacobs shoes re-heeled." (Gawker features an interesting blurb about Cate's blog.)


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