Thursday, January 18, 2007

That's More Like It

The Tar Heels got back to their winning ways and dominated the Clemons Tigers last night, beating them 77-55. Sloppy offense was a cause for concern - especially Ty Lawson's 7 turnovers. However, our swarming defense more than made up for the mental errors. Wayne Ellington ended his two-game slump, Danny Green logged quality minutes, and Deon Thompson played his best game of the season.

Next up: Georgia Tech comes to Chapel Hill, 9:00 Saturday


Blogger Lester Bangs said...

I'm glad to see the heels pull out a W on the road this week. It says a lot that we didn't play that well and still won by 22.

1. The D saved us, and I'm happy everyone is working hard on that.
2. QT doesn't scare me so much anymore, and he'll be helpful since Bobby has been hurt.
3. Even though we won and are still ranked in the top 5, the Heels have a lot of work to do if we want to even be mentioned in the same category as Florida or UCLA.
4. This pains me to say b/c I've been a Reyshawn supporter from the get go, but he's a cancer. He makes stupid plays, is a sloppy ballhandler, and doesn't think - at all. In general I feel like he can bring the team down. I know Roy doesn't want to upset him especially cause he's a senior, but I'm of the opinion that Danny Green should be in that starting spot (he has been logging equal stats as (if not better than) Terry all season and in fewer minutes. But thats just my opinion.
5. I love Brandan Wright, but did anyone see the OK State-Texas game this week? Kevin Durrant might be the best Frosh in the country, wow.

***one more thing: This is the Heels year to beat Duke twice, and I hope they can pull it out. Anyone know the last year that we beat the dookies both times?

8:30 AM  
Blogger Mr. Bob Harris said...

Interesting point about Reyshawn. I hadn't even thought about replacing him with Danny Green in the starting lineup. Might not be a bad idea, but is now the time to eff around with the chemistry?

2:32 PM  

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