Friday, January 12, 2007

February 18th, 2007: Another Day that Will Live in Infamy

On that fateful day, Nascar veteran Dale Jarrett will drive a Toyota at the Daytona 500.
I'm sure the New Nativists will have a field day with this foreign invastion of an American institution, but Jarrett addresses their concerns in this article:
"As far as Toyota, sure, the parent company is foreign...We could get into the argument about where the Ford Fusion is built; every one of them are built in Mexico. The Monte Carlos are built in Canada." He then goes on to say that Toyota is a great company that employs a large number of American workers. He concludes, "[We] have to be accepting of change. If we don't, then you would still be watching 12-inch TV screens, and that's not a lot of fun whenever you've got everything else that's out there."


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