Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Those Pesky Neocons

William Kristol, editor of the neoconservative bullhorn otherwise known as The Weekly Standard, writes an intriguing article about the hanging of Saddam Hussein. While most other pundits (including fellow neocon Charles Krauthammer) have condemned the execution, Kristol argues that a mass-murderer's death sentence, handed down from a court consisting of his own countrymen, is a good progress-marker for the future of Iraq. Kristol then laments that the "foreign policy cognoscenti and the political elites were happy to dismiss" this achievement:

"Why? Because to dwell on the life and death of this mass murderer might remind Americans of the fundamental justice of the war. It might cause the American people to wonder why, having accomplished this, they should be so quick to give up on accomplishing more. It might cause them to hesitate before succumbing to despair when confronted by the challenges of continued violence and terrorism. It might cause them to wonder whether tyranny might not still be successfully replaced by liberty."

The "fundamental justice of war?" "Tyranny replacing liberty?" Discuss.

Or, if you think Bill Kristol is full of shit - and you're not alone - read this Washington Post article that absolutely rules him.


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