Tuesday, November 14, 2006

UNC Disappoints in Win: 22-Point Lead Not Enough for Tar Heel Faithful

I followed the Tar Heels' season opener tonight by having the following text message conversation with my buddy Ernesto:

Ernesto: "We look like shit." (7:10 PM)
Me: "really?" (7:11 PM)
Ernesto: "Yea. outrebounded, scored, and hustled." (7:12 PM)
Me: "aren't you being too quick to judge? how much time is left?" (7:13)
Ernesto: "Its early. But still." (7:14 PM)
Ernesto: "Up only 5 at half. We were 35 point favorites. We cant guard anyone." (7:51 PM)

Because I could not see the action on TV, I had to build assumptions based on the information I had received:

My hypothesis was that at 7:10 PM we lost the tip off, at 7:12 PM a Sacred heart player missed a shot, grabbed the rebound, and dunked for the first 2 points of the game. Then at 7:14 PM, we scored our first points, and by halftime we were locked up a good first game on our quest for the National Title.

The University of North Carolina did, in fact, defeat Sacred Heart University tonight, 103-81. You wouldn't know it from the text messages though. And you wouldn't know it from all the belly-aching Tar Heels who watched the game on TV. In spite of solid performances from Tyler Hansbrough, Reyshawn Terry, Brandon Wright, and just about every other UNC player who stepped on the court, I would bet that most Tar Heels fans probably spent the night screaming at the TV. [REF! I WILL RUN YOU OVER WITH MY CAR!]


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