Monday, October 16, 2006

TV on the Radio

Show Season, I've lost count.

If commitment to the DC music scene could be measured in credit card debt and sleep deprivation, I'd be a contender for Man of the Year.

I couldn't miss last night's TV on the Radio show at the 930 Club, even though it started absurdly late. Most of it was neither bad nor great, but several songs stood out. The unrecognized opener was huge, and "Wolf Like Me," "Young Liars," and "Staring at the Sun" were all excellent. The rest - eh.

The highlight of the night was lead singer Tunde Adebimpe . He's 3 parts David Bowie, 1 part Mick Jagger, and 6 parts holy highnote gospel - sans religion. With a spastic left arm and pointer finger, Tunde transformed the stage into a secular pulpit. Man, what a voice.

And, of course, Kyp Malone looks as hip in person as he does in all those photos released by the hype-machine. Man, what a beard-afro-scarf combo. Do you think he can go anywhere without people checking him out?


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