Thursday, October 26, 2006

Anarchists Think They're Soooooooo Cool

NPR features this great article about Josh Wolf, a blogger who is in jail for refusing to surrender video footage of a protest he filmed in San Francisco.

According to NPR, Wolf identifies himself as "an artist, an activist, an anarchist and an archivist."

Anarchist? Far out.

Speaking of anarchists, the Far Left has targeted the hipster market these days. I'm fascinated by the way left-wing groups spread their message amongst college kids, indie rockers, and fans of "conscious" hip hop.

Here are some groups, publications, and a historian that have caught my attention:

AdBusters - a publication that you can find in the checkout line at Whole Foods
Internationalist Books - a bookstore on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, NC
Crimethinc - its publications are regularly featured at Internationalist Books
We Are Everywhere - a "global anticapitalist movement." I bought one of their books at the Black Cat in DC.
Bound Together - an anarchist bookstore in Haight Ashbury, across the street from Ben and Jerry's and down the road from the Gap.
Earth Liberation Front - an eco-terrorism group supported by Built to Spill and romanticized in several Rolling Stone articles
Left Hand Books - a bookstore on Pearl Street, the main drag for pedestrian tourist shoppers in Boulder, Colorado
Busboys and Poets - a bookstore in the middle of a bar, cafe, and peformance space in the middle of a gentrifying section of DC.
Howard Zinn - an avowed anarchist and rock star historian whose celebrity status is approaching Michael Moore's and Noam Chomsky's


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