Monday, January 08, 2007

Auld Links Syne

  • The Charlotte Observer reports that the BMW plant in Spartanburg, SC, has been named a "Top Plant" for "starting a system that uses methane gas from a local landfill to provide more than half the plant's energy."
  • BEWARE! This editorial is as New York Times Left as the New York Times gets. However, it's a fairly reasonable assertion that the Bush Administration has created the "Imperial Presidency 2.0."
  • In an interesting analysis of William Rehnquist's drug addiction, Slate says "The Rehnquist story deserves a third airing today if only to illustrate the ugly double standards that excuse extreme drug use by the powerful, especially if their connection is a prescribing doctor, and condemns to draconian prison terms the guy who purchases his drugs on the street. Reviewing Rehnquist's tale one more time also demonstrates the reluctance of the Senate—and some members of the press—to grade the mental competency of judges and judicial nominees."
  • Country music is so hot right now. Pitchfork and The Economist both write insightful articles about the intricacies and idiosyncricies of the heartland's soundtrack.
  • Time runs an excellent anaylsis of racism in France. The magazine has also redone its web site, and after a casual perusal, I must conclude that it's an excellent overhaul.


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