Friday, January 05, 2007

Does this really surprise any of you?

A Tribe Called Quest once said, "Industry rule No # 4080, record company people are shady."

Acknowledging the cheese of this joke, I'd like add Rule # 4081 - U.S. government people are shadier.

The Washington Post reports that Chief Justice William Rehnquist was hooked on sleeping pills and became delusional as he went through withdrawal from the drugs. He also allegedly intimidated black voters in the 1960s. Finally, the Department of Justice allegedly told the FBI to investigate how witnesses would testify against Rehnquist during his confirmation hearing. All of this - and more! - was revealed this week as the FBI released its Rehnquist file under the Freedom of Information Act.

Here is what we learn from this episode:

1. Vaunted leaders can be hooked on drugs and we'll never know about it until they're dead.
2. The FBI keeps files on lots of people - maybe even YOU.
3. The FBI works for political purposes, allegedly.
4. Conspiracy theorists may have a nugget or two of truth buried deep beneath their bullshit.


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