Friday, December 29, 2006

"We was raised right...But it was our generation that lost the kids."

For the past several months, The Washington Post has been running a weekly series called "Being a Black Man." Today's insightful selection, titled "The Old Kinship," features interviews with several retired black men in a bowling league. It offers a fascinating peek into the ideological gap between the Civil Rights generation and its children. Here's an excerpt:

"Our generation, we don't stand up for nothing! We know they're locking black people up in droves. Why aren't we outraged and forcing some kind of change?"

"If it don't touch us, we're not outraged," said Mitchell, palms up, fingers spread.

"That's our problem; we don't come together," said Garrison, twisting his lips.

"We need a leader. An MLK or Malcolm X," Thompson interjected.

"We've got so-called leaders, but I'm talking about action," said Hodges, agitated.

"Back then, our goals were more defined," Thompson said. "We were demonstrating for a reason. Now, everything is so cloudy and unclear."


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