Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"I’m happy as long as I’ve got enough money to buy golf balls.”

HCYB Recommended links:

  • Inside Carolina reports that the Tar Heels basketball starting lineup is still undecided. It also reports that, when asked about the possibility of restructuring his contract to accomodate the acquisition of football coach Butch Davis, Roy Williams said, "I’m happy as long as I’ve got enough money to buy golf balls.”
  • Pitchfork gets kind of serious on us and discusses a jazz musician who killed himself to protest the Iraq war.
  • Prefix discusses the depths to which Kevin Federline has sunk, including the lowest rated album ever to be featured on Metacritic.com.
  • Slate reports that the drunk frat guys in the Borat movie are suing Sasha Baron Cohen for unfairly coaxing them to agree that slavery should still be legal. Slate also devotes approximately 1000 words to debating whether U2 or R.E.M. was the greatest rock band of the 1980s.
  • The Village Voice continues its coverage of Brad Will, the American activist/journalist who was shot and killed by Mexican police forces during the riots in Oaxaca.
  • The Washington Post writes that Democrats's victory in the 2006 Election will have a negative impact on free trade. In another interesting article, the Post says that US workers with college degrees are strong competitors in the global market but that workers with only a high school degree are not.
  • I saw my first Christmas decorations the day before Halloween. Business Week notes that the Holiday Shopping Season has already begun.
  • Newsweek features a great 1991 photo and article about George H.W. Bush and his National Security Team - the same team that's essentially being called in now to try and clean up the Iraq mess.
  • Time Magazine lists its Top 100 All-TIME albums....those witty bastards.


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