Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We Wish You a Merry Link-fest

  • NPR discusses growing concerns about the rising influence of Evangelical Christianity on prominent officers in the Pentagon. According to NPR, "the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is preparing a possible class-action lawsuit against the Pentagon for what lawyer Michael Weinstein calls "the creation of a theocracy, of a particular fundamentalist perspective within our own military branches"....The foundation says a core of evangelicals are gaining influence at the Pentagon, and violating military policies. It cites Wednesday-morning prayer sessions in the Pentagon's executive dining room, which features speakers from the Christian Embassy."
  • Tom Sorenson laments that the Carolina Panthers were over-hyped at the beginning of the season, that they were never as good as the media said they were, and that the entire season has been a struggle to deal with the disappointment of failing to match such artificially-high expectations.
  • E.J Dionne writes in the Washington Post that Hilary Clinton should welcome the Barack Obama challenge because it will force her to cut through the bullshit.
  • Dick Morris of The Hill compares Hilary Clinton to Nixon, LBJ, and George W. Bush, says she could win the 2008 Election but shouldn't, and claims that Hilary "devotedly and deeply believes in a European-style socialism in which government takes much more of our national income and offers a far wider array of services and benefits."
  • Slate discusses the recent allegations that the CIA was spying on Princess Diana while Bill Clinton was in office. Conspiracy theorist Peter Bis "reported" several months ago that Tony Blair was behind the "assassination" of Princess Di. Furthermore, Bis has alleged that the the Gambino crime family is a strong backer of the Clintons. Thus, the writing on the wall is fairly clear. The nefarious Gambino-Clinton-Blair-CIA cabal brought down Diana. Now, if we could just figure out why. [EDITOR'S NOTE: It should be noted that Peter Bis currently resides in the park between Union Station and the Dirksen Senate Office Building. Judging from his shopping cart full of stuff and the dirt beneath his fingernails, it seems that Mr. Bis calls the park "home."]


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