Friday, September 01, 2006

First Tiananmen, Now Mao

Those crazy Communists are at it again. In the ever-evolving Battle for Information in China, the newest front focuses on the history books. Today's New York Times documents government-mandated changes to Chinese high school textbooks. Now, in addition to not learning about Tiananmen Square, Chinese students will also not learn about Mao. In the new textbooks, Mao is mentioned once - ONCE! - in a sentence about etiquette. ETIQUETTE! According to the New York Times, the new propaganda, ummm, I mean, curriculum is designed "not so much [to] rewrite history as [to] diminish it. The one-party state, having largely abandoned its official ideology, prefers people to think more about the future than the past." Man, it seems so easy. Erase history and all the problems go away.


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