Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Things You Didn’t Know About Bushwick Bill From "The Getto Boys"

by Coleman Herbert

The statements you are about to read are true, for better or worse. I, Coleman Herbert, and my roommates have been in association with The Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill (above photo, middle) since fate brought him into our lives via the “Big Mama’s House 2” premiere. Los Angeles…Manifest Destiny like a motha fucka…

1. He's terrified of being barefoot. When he was doing sock laundry, he tied two plastic bags around his feet to make these littlebooties...

2. He smokes cigarettes in the bathtub.

3. He told me this story, a re-telling of a “Walker Texas Ranger” he had seen the night before (at my house) while I was out:

"You see that Texas ranger with us last night? The one with Hulk Hogan? Hulk Hogan and shit. [Bill stood up at this point.] Hulk Hogan, man. Hulk Hogan was like a born-again Christian gang leader or some shit. Remember that show in the 80's 'Scared Straight' where they'd get some nigga to bust up the room and say 'HEY. You keep this bad behavior up and I'll make you my bitch inside the joint!' [Laughing.] It was like that, man. And at the end, when they had that dude in the noose...peep game [PEEP GAME!!! I heard a man actually say that!] Hulk Hogan saved him. Not Walker. Walker was late. Showed up late, man. Showin up late..."

4. Hanging on the rack, his towel was recently mistaken for my girlfriend’s skirt. It’s one foot squared. No bigger. Dark green.

5. He’s scared to say “I love you.”


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