Monday, March 20, 2006

Things You Didn’t Know About Bushwick Bill Before Reading This Article...And This Shit's True

by Coleman Herbert

The statements you are about to read are true, for better or worse. I, Coleman Herbert, and my roommates have been in association with The Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill (above photo, middle) since fate brought him into our lives via the “Big Mama’s House 2” premiere. Los Angeles…Manifest Destiny like a motha fucka…

  • Bushwick Bill smokes Marlboro Menthol Mediums, if you were wondering. And while you're out, buy him a pack...he'll pay you back.
  • He has Ron Artest's phone number in his cell phone.
  • He called shotgun in a pickup truck, relegating my 6'5" roommate to the backseat with nuns for room. A two-guard's in the back while a 3'8" dwarf's feet aren't touching the dashboard.
  • He prefers baths, actually.
  • He's scared to say, "I love you."
  • He uses the phrase "Party People!" as a greeting, a farewell, and as a general exclamation.
  • He uses Axe Body Spray to clean his shoes.

[Editor's Note: Bushwick Bill is a 3'8" rapper with one eye. He does not wear an eye patch. Read more about him here and Stay tuned to Hipcat Yo Boy for more "Things About Bushwick Bill That You Didn't Know."]

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